It’s a CHRISTMAS Party not a Winter Event!

I walked my mile yesterday and I can’t blog the mile I will walk in a couple of minutes until AFTER it is completed.  I have to hurry because I have less than an hour to get dinner ready for the family, walk my mile and then go to the Stamp Club’s Annual CHRISTMAS PARTY.

I’m sorry, are you Muslim and wondering why I am going?  Are you Christian and surprised that I am not viciously demanding that it be called something politically correct?

Yes there will be people imbibing during the “cocktail hour” before I get there, but guess what?, THEIR BELIEFS allow them to do that!

Our Club’s annual party is for a final chance to get together and share highlights of the previous year’s events.  To welcome new members and remember those who have moved away or moved on.  We share stories and eat.  Then we swap gifts.

Do I lambast my friends with the fact that Christmas was actually a pagan holiday that was co-opted by the early Catholic Church?  Do I mention that the Santa Claus started out as Saint Nicolas in Turkey.  That Yule Logs and Mistletoe came from the Druids?  And the Mother/Child thing at the winter solstice came from early Egyptian myths surrounding Isis and Osiris?

Nah, I think I will enjoy their company and let them enjoy mine.


About walkingtomecca

I am responsible for MY opinions and MY choices. If you think I am wrong, respond to my blog in an intelligent way and I might get back to you. Or viciously attack your stupidity. It is a toss up. I spend the little time that I have to write on this blog, but I would rather be looking at stamps, enjoying the world, but not wasting my time on people telling me how wrong I am. Thank you, I have children to do that to me.
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