Christmas doesn’t Celebrate Christmas

I am as busy as ever at this time of year.  There is so much to do before Christmas!  Oh not because I celebrate Christmas, but because I don’t.  I have to make sure that I am not going to run out of milk or eggs, pick up the shirts at the dry cleaners before they close for the holiday, and make sure my banking is done.

At the Mall where I have my shop, I return all of the greetings with a smile and a “Happy Holidays!”  If they are going to wish me a Merry Christmas in spite of the fact that I wear hijab, what should I say, Mazel Tov? It is their holiday, even if it is the adaptation of a pagan holiday.

I have mentioned before that I used to be a “Born Again” Christian and I studied my bible, and that led me to Islam.  If you are a Muslim, why are you not even LOOKING at the Bible?  Are you afraid that it will corrupt you or something?  How can you explain to a Christian that what is written in the Bible, THEIR HOLY BOOK, Supports Islam unless you have actually read it and can point out the relevant scripture?   I don’t care if they make up stuff about Islam and would never read the Quran, Muslims KNOW that the word of God was distorted in the Bible and it is OUR responsibility to seek the knowledge and reveal the truth to those who WANT to know.

There is a pretty good site that I was looking at on the Web about “How does GOD celebrate Christmas?  I have included the link to the page if you are interested in going there to read the rest of the article.

How does GOD celebrate Christmas?

Every year at Christmas time articles appear in various newspapers across the country about the origins of Christmas. They aren’t meant to shock or discourage anyone from its celebration. To the contrary, the public finds the pagan origins quaintly interesting. The articles usually close with a local clergyman advocating less commercialism and stressing the need to put Christ back in CHRISTmas.

Millions of people know that holidays like Christmas and Easter have pagan origins, but it doesn’t really matter to them because they don’t “celebrate it that way.” As long as they are mainly celebrating the birth and resurrection of Jesus with only a little bit of Santa Claus or the Easter bunny “for the kids” then God understands.

These holidays are filled with years of sights, smells and sounds of good feelings going back to one’s childhood. The good times at Grandma’s house, the taste of eggnog and the lilt of carols all engender deep emotional feelings.

Been There, Felt That

While the Bible doesn’t show the apostles celebrating ANY of these days, the holidays are authenticated and validated for most by the experience and our intuition. In other words, there’s so much joy, love of family and praise to the Lord that God obviously approves these traditions to honor Him. Like the song says, “It can’t be wrong when it FEELS so right….” Who cares about Nimrod, Ishtar, sun worshipers or Saturnalia when you’ve got Bing Crosby, Mom, apple pie and warm fuzzies. The reasoning is that God must feel good about Christmas and Easter because we feel good about them. We have fond memories, so God must have fond memories. OR DOES HE?

The pagan origin of these days bears little significance to most people because there is no memory of paganism. Who or what is a Nimrod, and who cares? Pagan is a meaningless word, and nothing seems pagan today. Whatever can be remotely called pagan is usually referred to as a quaint native custom, and people like to take pictures of it while they’re on a tour.




What is amusing to me is the fact that even Christians who know better still fall into the trap of dismissing the message because it doesn’t pander to their comfort zone.  They also don’t like it when Muslims try to follow the teachings of the Bible.  When we do, they call us “Fundamentalist Radicals Infidels” who are trying to impose “ISLAM” on them.

Remember that the word ISLAM means “Submission to the Will of God” and “Muslim” means “One who Submits.”   So it upsets some of them when we try to follow the teachings of Jesus (PBUH) (who WE respect as a Prophet of God) as cited in Matthew 7:21

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 7:21

Really, I can’t see where I have taken that out of context, or twisted it into some Satanic meaning.  And before the person who wrote the original article comes after me for using their words to make my points, let me make one more…

You castigated people for adding something to the religion that was NOT in the Bible (i.e. Christmas), But then many Christians claim that Jesus was God, another “fact” that IS NOT in the Bible.  And yet when Muslims point out the reason that there needed to be another revalation because previous ones had been distorted, a claim is made that these are “False Prophets” and “Made up revelations.” Even when they point out the need for Submission to God, which IS in the Bible.

Yes, Christmas doesn’t celebrate a Holy Day, (the Birth of the Prophet Jesus)  it commemorates another distortion of the message of God.


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