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The Mecca I am Walking Towards: Is it the same one that Mohammad (PBUH) did Hajj at?

As you can see by my slowly diminishing miles, I am making progress on my walk to Mecca.  But what am I walking towards?  If you notice the current picture at the top of my blog, you will see a … Continue reading

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What the TEA Party People and Muslims Really Need to Know: One hour and Eleven Minutes of Radical Education and Where YOUR TAXES REALLY GO!

After my blog yesterday, somebody posted this video.  It isn’t really a video, it is a speech but a very important one.  The reason it is important is because it deals with usury, INTEREST, which in Islam is called RIBA.  … Continue reading

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Muslim Perceptions & Misconceptions about the TEA Party

So I was on Facebook and encountered the following exchange (I deleted names but left the content) : Any Muslim who belongs in the Tea Party movement has not paid attention to their actions. So far, they have (1) opposed … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan and the Hypocrites that Quote him. (i.e. Polititians, Media Mavens, Talk Show Pundits, “Religious” Leaders, and Patriotic “Amuricans” who don’t wanna follow the US Constitution when it applies to Muslims.

In case you might not realize it from my balanced view of things political, I am a long time Republican that believes in Personal Responsibility, Smaller Government, letting people decide where the money goes instead of politicians making us fund … Continue reading

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Targeting Innocent People: Congresswoman Giffords and Most Muslims

The opening line of the article makes my point: Has the country’s increasingly heated political rhetoric gotten dangerously out of control? The article by Holly Bailey goes on to point out how targeting people can have negative consequences, far beyond … Continue reading

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Destruction of a Shoe Tree and a Coptic Church in Egypt

If you have been following my blog, you probably know that I live in Nevada.  Yes, there is legalized Gambling.  Yes there is Legalized Prostitution.  Gaming and prostitution are regulated and taxed.  And how about the gaming and prostitution that … Continue reading

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BOKO HARAM is a SIN: Who is teaching them Islam?

On my journey of Walking to Mecca, I am lucky that I do not have to pass through Nigeria.  I have 8010 miles to go and a lot of thinking to do.  As I have been listening to reports of … Continue reading

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