Muslim Perceptions & Misconceptions about the TEA Party

So I was on Facebook and encountered the following exchange (I deleted names but left the content) :

Any Muslim who belongs in the Tea Party movement has not paid attention to their actions. So far, they have (1) opposed the Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero, (2) opposed the re-election of Muslim Congressman Ellison, (3) made derogatory comments about Islam and Muslims, and (4) social studies textbooks talking about Islam

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    • Dear Dr. XXXX, I am not a member of any Tea Party, but I don’t believe they are as monolithic as some on the left (and in media) wants us to believe. There are definitely a sizable chunk (whatever the %) that are absolutely ignorant, rac…ist, reactionary, etc., but let’s not put Allen West and Rand Paul in one basket. I have little to disagree on with Paul and hope that we take advantage of the good that might come out of reaching out to him and similar people. That is my respectful opinion and am willing to be educated:)See More
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    • Agreed though there is truly very little to like about some of these characters.

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    • Let’s get something straight. The TEA party is SUPPOSED to be monolithic! TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already!. There are many Muslims, Liberals, Radicals, as well as Right Wing Conservatives who feel this way. The problem comes when the TEA party has been “hijacked” by people who have personal political agendas, sort of like the terrorists who keep announcing that they are Muslims…

I think that it is important for Muslims to remember not to Generalize!   Yes, there are frequent “generalizations” but we do NOT need to perpetuate ignorance.  We need to educate people about it.

The TEA Party movement came about because many Americans are tired of not being listened to by their chosen representatives.  They saw the kind of binge spending by their legislators that if they practiced with their household budget would put them in bankrupcy or jail for fraud.   The event that happened in November of 2010 wasn’t an election, it was a restraining order!

The problem that has hit the TEA Party is that a lot of people who have been gnawing at the outer fringes of the Republican Party have jumped onto the TEA Party Ship, and not only thrown the TEA off the boat, but also the Cross-Section of Americans who raised their voices in protest.

So the sane people who are trying to save the ship of state, are in the ocean while fringe issue people who have NOT been able to get their personal issues to dominate the Republican (or Democratic) Platform are overloading the political process.

Muslims, please remember that Islam is about submitting to God, not to a flawed political process.  Avoid extremism and confront the obvious errors being promoted by hate mongers with truth.  But DON’T fall into a trap of believing that ALL of the people of ANY Political Party, Racial Group, or Religious Affiliation are guilty of the zealotry of a few.

Muslims need to be seen as a PART of the political process, not ignoring it because there are people in it that we don’t like or who say mean things about us.  Hey, the Meccans used to say mean things about the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and in Taif, they threw stones at him.

I am learning that on my Walk to Mecca, I need to focus on the world that we live in as well as the world of the heart and spirit.  Islam does not let you live in a monastery with walls to keep the world out, but being an active participant who tries to make it better.



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I am responsible for MY opinions and MY choices. If you think I am wrong, respond to my blog in an intelligent way and I might get back to you. Or viciously attack your stupidity. It is a toss up. I spend the little time that I have to write on this blog, but I would rather be looking at stamps, enjoying the world, but not wasting my time on people telling me how wrong I am. Thank you, I have children to do that to me.
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