I’ve gone over 100 miles, but was too busy to notice.

The thing about a blog is that you are supposed to keep up with it.  I have enough to do with keeping up with my LIFE.  I am doing my walking, and praying, and thinking, but I am also being a Mom, a Wife, a Business Person and all sorts of other things.  Egypt is happening.  My Son just got out of the Navy (and started college AND got a JOB!)  I am spending time trying to keep on top of business, and the things I do for the Masjid, and for my community as well.  Right now I can only type for a few more seconds before I have to leave for a 4pm appointment.  Hey, at least I am ALIVE and live in a country where I don’t have to camp in a city square in order to get the rights promised by the Constitution.


About walkingtomecca

I am responsible for MY opinions and MY choices. If you think I am wrong, respond to my blog in an intelligent way and I might get back to you. Or viciously attack your stupidity. It is a toss up. I spend the little time that I have to write on this blog, but I would rather be looking at stamps, enjoying the world, but not wasting my time on people telling me how wrong I am. Thank you, I have children to do that to me.
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