My Heart travels when my body cannot – do virtual miles count?

As stated before, I have a life and sometimes it gets busy, and sometimes I can come up with excuses not to walk to Mecca.  It does not mean that I am not headed in that direction, it just means that I don’t write every thing down and transmit it to this forum.

The miles that I count on this blog are mile spent in Islamic Directed Thought DURING exercise.  So shopping miles don’t count, and sitting at the computer searching about Islam doesn’t add any distance.

I also had some surgery.  InshaAllah, I will live.  If not, I know that SOME people will be happy…

Anyway, enjoy the slideshow and see how often it can be passed around.

<div style=”width:425px” id=”__ss_270197″> <strong style=”display:block;margin:12px 0 4px”><a href=”” title=”Is Terrorism A Muslim Monopoly” target=”_blank”>Is Terrorism A Muslim Monopoly</a></strong> http://ahref= <div style=”padding:5px 0 12px”> View more <a href=”” target=”_blank”>presentations</a> from <a href=”” target=”_blank”>abdul lateef </a> </div> </div>


About walkingtomecca

I am responsible for MY opinions and MY choices. If you think I am wrong, respond to my blog in an intelligent way and I might get back to you. Or viciously attack your stupidity. It is a toss up. I spend the little time that I have to write on this blog, but I would rather be looking at stamps, enjoying the world, but not wasting my time on people telling me how wrong I am. Thank you, I have children to do that to me.
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