This Blog is to express yet one more opinion in a society of diverse opinions.   It is part Spiritual Journey, part exercise log, and a lot of Dear Diary.

The material contained within are MY evolving opinions and beliefs.  They are absolutly subject to change.

And I am changing, I can’t help it.  The things I see, the people and news I encounter, and as I walk to Mecca, I hope that I am learning more about Islam.

  • I am a registered Republican but have voted Democrat
  • I am a Navy Veteran, and Mom of a Navy Son
  • I became a Born Again Christian when I was 15 and studied my Faith.
  • Christianity led me to Islam
  • I believe that people are responsible for checking out the “Information” that they “find” on the internet.  Just as there are errors in books, there are errors in what is presented online.
  • I believe that Islam makes sense, but that many of it’s so called followers, DON’T!
  • If you don’t like my blog, don’t read it and go get your own so that I don’t have to read yours.



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