Destruction of a Shoe Tree and a Coptic Church in Egypt

If you have been following my blog, you probably know that I live in Nevada.  Yes, there is legalized Gambling.  Yes there is Legalized Prostitution.  Gaming and prostitution are regulated and taxed.  And how about the gaming and prostitution that take place in the other 49 states?   How about the gaming and prostitution that IS happening in every “Muslim” country? I choose NOT to go to casinos and none of  the people I think I know have indicated a need to visit brothels.   If everybody suddenly became Muslim and acted Islamically, guess what?  These places would close. But there is also an understanding here in Nevada that your rights end where my nose begins.

Somebody violated our rights the other day by chopping down a “shoe tree” that had seen generations of visitors toss their assorted footwear into the branches.


Nevada Shoe Tree before destruction, 120 miles east of Reno


(see the story:  )

It was a senseless, wanton act of destruction.  The tree was a community event that harmed no one and brought smiles to the faces of many a traveler.  How silly and pointless can you get? Tossing shoes into a tree! REALLY!   I am sure that some of the shoes were a message.   Some of them might have signaled a beginning or an ending.  With 8004 miles left in my walking to Mecca, I am sure that I will be having issues with my own shoes.

But at the same time as the Shoe Tree was being destroyed, so was a Coptic Church in Egypt.  But more than a church was being bombed, so was a lifetime of mostly peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims.  What happened to their rights?  Rights granted to every human being by GOD, and specified in Quran, Hadith, and Treaties made by the Prophet Muhammad and his successors?

Outsiders (non-Nevadans) were probably responsible for the cutting down of the Tree, but we KNOW (by their own admission) that Al-Qaeda came into Egypt to blow up the relationships between Muslims and the Coptic Christians who have lived there for close to two THOUSAND years!  Nothing in Islam, nothing in the Quran OR Hadith give ANY MUSLIM ANY Right to destroy ANY Church or Kill ANY Innocent Person.

I went to another WordPress blog called The Islamic Workplace.  In it were listed all of these Famous Muslims, Muslim Organizations, Muslim Countries and Muslim Scholars all condemning this act of terrorism and denouncing the perpetrators.  And then I looked at “Jihad Watch”.  It totally ignores the fact that all of these MUSLIMS are coming out stridently opposing Al-Qaeda, and quotes an obscure Mauritanian who justifies terrorism by saying that there might be some women converts to Islam being held against their will.   But it wasn’t at THIS Church, and if anybody was concerned, why didn’t they go to the courts for redress?

Destruction of a tree, destruction of Tolerance.  Vandals and Terrorists remove joy and harmony from ALL of our lives.


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BOKO HARAM is a SIN: Who is teaching them Islam?

On my journey of Walking to Mecca, I am lucky that I do not have to pass through Nigeria.  I have 8010 miles to go and a lot of thinking to do.  As I have been listening to reports of stupid things people do because of religion, I am constantly amazed at some of my so-called “Muslim” co-religionists.  At least when Franklin Graham (Billy Graham’s Little Boy) says something stupid, his followers don’t go around killing people.

Right now the news is about BOKO HARAM which translates as “Western (or non-Islamic) education is a Sin.”  So where did they get that brilliant piece of intellectual reasoning from?  Personally I think it must have been from a 9-year-old schoolboy who was playing too many video games and didn’t want to go to school anymore.  But I am wrong, it was actually a man by the name of Ustaz Mohammad Yusef.

Please Muslim and Non-Muslim Readers of my blog – consider the source!   The media is soooo ready to jump on sound bites and stupid quotes and then attribute these absurdities to “ISLAM” without finding out anything about what other things these people believe and if what they spout really IS a part of the Quran or Hadith!

Wikipedia did a nice little article on Ustaz Yusuf and refers  to a TV interview that took place shortly before he was killed by Nigerian Police.  In it he is quoted as saying that Boko Haram opposes not only Western education, but Western culture and modern science as well. In a 2009 BBC interview, Yusuf stated that the belief that the world is a sphere is contrary to Islam and should be rejected, along with Darwinism and the theory that rain comes from water evaporated by the sun.

So I guess that according to him, Stupidity is Not a Sin.  However, I have found that while ignorance and stupidity are not sins, they are often fatal.  (Don’t believe me? Check out the Darwin Awards.) Anyway, John Wayne had it right when he said “Life is tough.  It’s tougher when you’re stupid.”

The first word that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was “IQRA” which means “READ.”

I got the following from a website called

The first and most crucial obligation on us is to acquire knowledge and secondly to practice and preach this knowledge. No man becomes truly a Muslim without knowing the meaning of Islam, because he becomes a Muslim not through birth but through knowledge. Unless we come to know the basic and necessary teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (S) how can we believe in him, have faith in him, act according to what he taught? It is impossible for us to be a Muslim, and at the same time live in a state of ignorance.

So it boils down to the fact that MUSLIMS are not doing their job in Teaching ISLAM to Muslims who then in ignorance go out and say and do stupid things.  We need to start a “Jihad” on Ignorance.  Lets start blowing up stupid ideas instead of people and planes (sorry new Coke! I wasn’t referring to you,)  When ignorant “Muslims” make provably wrong statements, correct them! And try to get those corrections out to as many media as possible.

And while it is too late for the late Ustaz Yusuf to learn, the “Western (non-Islamic) Education” that he considered a sin (BOKO HARAM) is based upon Discoveries made by Muslim Scientists that proved that the world was a sphere, that evolution is not incompatible with Islam (Is not God the best of Planners?) and that yes, Rain does come from water evaporated by the sun.

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Christmas doesn’t Celebrate Christmas

I am as busy as ever at this time of year.  There is so much to do before Christmas!  Oh not because I celebrate Christmas, but because I don’t.  I have to make sure that I am not going to run out of milk or eggs, pick up the shirts at the dry cleaners before they close for the holiday, and make sure my banking is done.

At the Mall where I have my shop, I return all of the greetings with a smile and a “Happy Holidays!”  If they are going to wish me a Merry Christmas in spite of the fact that I wear hijab, what should I say, Mazel Tov? It is their holiday, even if it is the adaptation of a pagan holiday.

I have mentioned before that I used to be a “Born Again” Christian and I studied my bible, and that led me to Islam.  If you are a Muslim, why are you not even LOOKING at the Bible?  Are you afraid that it will corrupt you or something?  How can you explain to a Christian that what is written in the Bible, THEIR HOLY BOOK, Supports Islam unless you have actually read it and can point out the relevant scripture?   I don’t care if they make up stuff about Islam and would never read the Quran, Muslims KNOW that the word of God was distorted in the Bible and it is OUR responsibility to seek the knowledge and reveal the truth to those who WANT to know.

There is a pretty good site that I was looking at on the Web about “How does GOD celebrate Christmas?  I have included the link to the page if you are interested in going there to read the rest of the article.

How does GOD celebrate Christmas?

Every year at Christmas time articles appear in various newspapers across the country about the origins of Christmas. They aren’t meant to shock or discourage anyone from its celebration. To the contrary, the public finds the pagan origins quaintly interesting. The articles usually close with a local clergyman advocating less commercialism and stressing the need to put Christ back in CHRISTmas.

Millions of people know that holidays like Christmas and Easter have pagan origins, but it doesn’t really matter to them because they don’t “celebrate it that way.” As long as they are mainly celebrating the birth and resurrection of Jesus with only a little bit of Santa Claus or the Easter bunny “for the kids” then God understands.

These holidays are filled with years of sights, smells and sounds of good feelings going back to one’s childhood. The good times at Grandma’s house, the taste of eggnog and the lilt of carols all engender deep emotional feelings.

Been There, Felt That

While the Bible doesn’t show the apostles celebrating ANY of these days, the holidays are authenticated and validated for most by the experience and our intuition. In other words, there’s so much joy, love of family and praise to the Lord that God obviously approves these traditions to honor Him. Like the song says, “It can’t be wrong when it FEELS so right….” Who cares about Nimrod, Ishtar, sun worshipers or Saturnalia when you’ve got Bing Crosby, Mom, apple pie and warm fuzzies. The reasoning is that God must feel good about Christmas and Easter because we feel good about them. We have fond memories, so God must have fond memories. OR DOES HE?

The pagan origin of these days bears little significance to most people because there is no memory of paganism. Who or what is a Nimrod, and who cares? Pagan is a meaningless word, and nothing seems pagan today. Whatever can be remotely called pagan is usually referred to as a quaint native custom, and people like to take pictures of it while they’re on a tour.




What is amusing to me is the fact that even Christians who know better still fall into the trap of dismissing the message because it doesn’t pander to their comfort zone.  They also don’t like it when Muslims try to follow the teachings of the Bible.  When we do, they call us “Fundamentalist Radicals Infidels” who are trying to impose “ISLAM” on them.

Remember that the word ISLAM means “Submission to the Will of God” and “Muslim” means “One who Submits.”   So it upsets some of them when we try to follow the teachings of Jesus (PBUH) (who WE respect as a Prophet of God) as cited in Matthew 7:21

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Matthew 7:21

Really, I can’t see where I have taken that out of context, or twisted it into some Satanic meaning.  And before the person who wrote the original article comes after me for using their words to make my points, let me make one more…

You castigated people for adding something to the religion that was NOT in the Bible (i.e. Christmas), But then many Christians claim that Jesus was God, another “fact” that IS NOT in the Bible.  And yet when Muslims point out the reason that there needed to be another revalation because previous ones had been distorted, a claim is made that these are “False Prophets” and “Made up revelations.” Even when they point out the need for Submission to God, which IS in the Bible.

Yes, Christmas doesn’t celebrate a Holy Day, (the Birth of the Prophet Jesus)  it commemorates another distortion of the message of God.

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1,500 miles by Truck, One mile by Foot, 8017 miles still to walk until I get to Mecca

I left home over a week ago to drive to Blythe, California to visit my sister and deal with the debris left by death.  My Mom died in July while visiting me up here, but she had been living off and on with my twin down in the deserts near the Arizona/California border.

Between the almost 700 miles there and 700 back, and the driving around while I was there, I racked up over 1,500 miles in distance, but not much in spiritual mileage.  In my personal life, I am trying to be a better Muslim, but it gets a little hard when you have to deal with the litter left behind by an accumulator…especially when you recognize those proclivities in yourself.

The Art Car Park in Goldfield, Nevada, an example of Debris in Life

My Sister and I have been fighting over our Mother’s “Estate” for years – not over who would inherit, but who would have to clean it up.  I thought that I had won when my Mom died while visiting me up here, I still had to take care of the local details and making sure her body got shipped back to LA, but I also only had to deal with the luggage she had brought up on the bus.

But as the oldest Daughter (by 10 whole minutes) I still had to bring my shovel down and sort through bales of leopard print mau maus (pronounced and should be called “moo moo’s), neon colored spandex, hundreds of pairs of sunglasses, cheap earings (including the toilet seat ones) and every piece of paper that she never threw out in YEARS.  Sort, Shred, Sort, Bale, Sort Shred, Sort, Save for appropriate family member.   I have to tell you that I wasn’t in a very forgiving mood.   I wasn’t at MY house,  I wasn’t doing what I wanted, and I wasn’t getting any of my walking to Mecca done.

But sometimes you don’t have to “walk” to Mecca, to get some of the blessings.   The more I dealt with the debris, the more I tried to find some positives.  Among the Papers, were photos of ALL of us, she loved us, and she loved her family.  She had letters and printouts of emails I had sent 10 years ago.  She had always taught us that family was important and she proved it by keeping OUR trinkets and memories.

She always accepted my choice to first become a born-again Christian, and then as my knowledge increased, my becoming a Muslim, while she remained a semi-regular Mass attending Catholic (Hey TV Mass counts).

She taught us, that Family is important and that you shouldn’t allow yourself to be embarrassed by them.  And I proudly introduced my Mom in her Micky Mouse Shirt, flaming red spandex and enough bling to blind a pawn shop owner.  (of course I was wearing my hijab…)

And as I packed the back of my truck with bags of her “extras” to donate to thrift stores and ladies of a certain “style” (Blythe Thrift Stores couldn’t deal with the largess) near where I live, I remembered that learning to accept other as they are, or were, helps you on your own path to God.

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No Rest for the Wicked – Terrorists Strike in Sweden

You know?  I turn on the TV or radio and I hear about somebody blowing something up and first thing I think, “I hope it was an Infidel!”

Ha! Got ya! You thought I was going to say I hope it wasn’t a “Muslim!”  Well, by definition, if somebody is blowing up innocent people, it cannot be a Muslim.  A Muslim is one who submits to the will of God.  God very specifically prohibits murder (and also suicide).  Terrorism is Murder, so if they are Suicide Bombers, they cannot be submitting to the will of God.  They cannot be Muslims.  Simple.  Now I wish someone would teach THEM that.

I am going to have to use a Christian word to describe these Terrorists.  They are Infidels.  This is not a word that Muslims coined, it was a word used by Christians to describe “One without Faith.”  The term infidel was used by Christians to describe non-Christians or those perceived as the enemies of Christianity. I think that Infidels are the enemies of all humanity, not just Christians.

I think that we should use the word INFIDEL in its truest sense, (one without faith) and apply it to all of those of ANY background who commit terrorism.

So the Terrorist Target of this Week was in Sweden.  And the excuse, er, reason given was because of “Swedish Troops in Muslim Lands” and “Those awful Cartoons” from a couple of years ago.

Last time I looked, the various NATO & UN troops over there seemed to be protecting more innocent MUSLIM civilians than the al-Qaeda busy killing them and I don’t think that the people targeted by this attack actually had anything to do with drawing those comic strips.  If they are like me, they didn’t even get the newspaper…

Please don’t think that I support having ANY troops over there.  But I do realize that somebody needs to stop the Infidels. Since real MUSLIMS haven’t stood up, I guess we have to accept just about any help that is offered.

My son is in the US Military (yes he as been over there a couple of times.) and what he tells me is a lot different from what is in the press.  AND there have been several cases of mistaken targets and innocent civilians as “collateral damage.”  But there have also been wholesale slaughter of the same groups of people by local militias who are, you got it, “INFIDELS!”

I do have one solution for Afghanistan and Iraq.  The only people who should be allowed to carry weapons, are women with children.  Anybody else, OPEN SEASON, NO LIMITS.

8018 Miles to go while walking to Mecca.  I wonder what will be in the news 1000 miles from now…

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It’s a CHRISTMAS Party not a Winter Event!

I walked my mile yesterday and I can’t blog the mile I will walk in a couple of minutes until AFTER it is completed.  I have to hurry because I have less than an hour to get dinner ready for the family, walk my mile and then go to the Stamp Club’s Annual CHRISTMAS PARTY.

I’m sorry, are you Muslim and wondering why I am going?  Are you Christian and surprised that I am not viciously demanding that it be called something politically correct?

Yes there will be people imbibing during the “cocktail hour” before I get there, but guess what?, THEIR BELIEFS allow them to do that!

Our Club’s annual party is for a final chance to get together and share highlights of the previous year’s events.  To welcome new members and remember those who have moved away or moved on.  We share stories and eat.  Then we swap gifts.

Do I lambast my friends with the fact that Christmas was actually a pagan holiday that was co-opted by the early Catholic Church?  Do I mention that the Santa Claus started out as Saint Nicolas in Turkey.  That Yule Logs and Mistletoe came from the Druids?  And the Mother/Child thing at the winter solstice came from early Egyptian myths surrounding Isis and Osiris?

Nah, I think I will enjoy their company and let them enjoy mine.

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What Makes Me a Muslim: I have 8021 miles to teach you

If I put a Star of David around my neck and light the candles for Hanukah, does that make me a Jew?

If I put a Cross around my neck and go to Church (of whichever flavor) every Easter & Christmas, does that make me a Christian?

And if I put a Crescent & Star around my neck and go to the two Eid Celebrations every year, does that make me a Muslim?


So why to people on the Internet, and in the car next to me at the light automatically assume that just because I dress this way, I am

  1. Arab
  2. Terrorist
  3. Trying to force them to become Muslim.

I am Norwegian, Scottish, Sioux, & German.  (i.e. American) and only about 17% of the Worlds Muslims are of Semitic Descent. (So if you are anti-Arab, you are anti-Semitic! Hey, they BOTH came from Abraham, Don’t you read your Bible?)

I am also not a Terrorist.  It is against my Religion.

And finally, I don’t have to force anyone to become a Muslim…I just give them a choice between having to celebrate Christmas as practiced in the shopping malls and Islam, and everybody wants to know what they have to do to convert!  But sometimes my associates do ask me basic questions and I will answer them.

What makes me a Muslim is that

  • I believe that there is ONLY ONE Creator.
  • I believe that Muhammad was the Final Messenger
  • I believe that the Quran is the Final Message
  • I believe each of us is responsible for our own actions.
  • And I KNOW (from READING them) that there is NOTHING in the or Hadith, the Bible or the Torah, that allows for the Murder of ANYBODY.

What makes you a person of faith, is not what you wear, what sacred site you worship at, or even what you pretend to believe, but that you really believe of the tenets of your “religion”, KNOW what they ARE, and then actually PRACTICE them!  Not just some of them, not use them as an excuse, and not force others to believe.  Islam very clearly states, “There is NO Compulsion in Religion.”

I, as a Muslim Female, have been fighting the Taliban for over 30 Years!  OUR U.S. Government, both Democrats AND Republicans, SUPPORTED Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.  Look around now and see the petty dictators and warlords we are now paying off and ask yourself if they are going to use that money to buy weapons to kill us with in another 20 years.

These people, like many in OUR government, want something.  For a few it is money, but for organizations like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the Iranian Mullahs and the Saudi Wahabis, it is about CONTROL.  They don’t want you to become Muslims, if you were Muslim and knew what your rights are, they would be out of power.

Islamophobes  and Islamofascists read the same cut & paste, heavily abridged version of the Quran.  In other words, They Don’t Read the QUR’AN!  It is like picking out only 2 of the ten commandments to kinda, maybe follow if you really feel like it and totally ignoring the rest.

I don’t want to waste my time listening to carefully selected verses taken out of context from the Torah, Bible or Qur’an that justify Evil in the name of G-D.  I still have 8021 miles to walk before I get to Mecca.  It is going to take me years, and I still need to teach myself to be a better Muslim.

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