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The Mecca I am Walking Towards: Is it the same one that Mohammad (PBUH) did Hajj at?

As you can see by my slowly diminishing miles, I am making progress on my walk to Mecca.  But what am I walking towards?  If you notice the current picture at the top of my blog, you will see a … Continue reading

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Muslim Perceptions & Misconceptions about the TEA Party

So I was on Facebook and encountered the following exchange (I deleted names but left the content) : Any Muslim who belongs in the Tea Party movement has not paid attention to their actions. So far, they have (1) opposed … Continue reading

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Destruction of a Shoe Tree and a Coptic Church in Egypt

If you have been following my blog, you probably know that I live in Nevada.  Yes, there is legalized Gambling.  Yes there is Legalized Prostitution.  Gaming and prostitution are regulated and taxed.  And how about the gaming and prostitution that … Continue reading

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BOKO HARAM is a SIN: Who is teaching them Islam?

On my journey of Walking to Mecca, I am lucky that I do not have to pass through Nigeria.  I have 8010 miles to go and a lot of thinking to do.  As I have been listening to reports of … Continue reading

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What Makes Me a Muslim: I have 8021 miles to teach you

If I put a Star of David around my neck and light the candles for Hanukah, does that make me a Jew? If I put a Cross around my neck and go to Church (of whichever flavor) every Easter & … Continue reading

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Muslim Prayer in English, What do We SAY when we Pray?

8024 Miles to go to get to Mecca. From reading these posts, you can probably tell that I am not the most consistent person in exercise or in correspondence.  That is because I have a life.  I look at each … Continue reading

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Giving Children the Power of Islam by Aminah Assilmi

8026 miles to go to while walking to Mecca I think about a lot of things when I am walking.  Fortunately I am one of those people who can usually walk AND chew bubblegum at the same time.  I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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