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Ronald Reagan and the Hypocrites that Quote him. (i.e. Polititians, Media Mavens, Talk Show Pundits, “Religious” Leaders, and Patriotic “Amuricans” who don’t wanna follow the US Constitution when it applies to Muslims.

In case you might not realize it from my balanced view of things political, I am a long time Republican that believes in Personal Responsibility, Smaller Government, letting people decide where the money goes instead of politicians making us fund … Continue reading

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Grope or Snoop? 100% of the time is not random. 8031 MTGT Mecca

8031 Miles to go to Mecca (MTGT) I am walking on my treadmill and thinking about the latest infringement on my rights as an American. So this American guy, presumably NOT MUSLIM uses his cell phone to capture his experience … Continue reading

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